Leverage your data, optimize your decisions and build a scalable ecommerce business

Large multinational corporations rely on rich data analyses to base their business decisions. Whatever the size of your ecommerce operation, it’s never too soon to start doing the same.


Leveraging your data empowers your e-commerce operation

We give answers

Our e-commerce-focused data analytics are the solutions to answer your critical questions:

  • What segments of customers bring in the highest value?
  • What is the cost of getting new customers?
  • What’s my return on advertising spend?

Easy Integration

Tailored to your Shopify store

Our e-commerce solution is perfectly tailored to the needs of Shopify store owners and provides a scalable data infrastructure that you can continue to build upon throughout the life of your online store.

Track all your essential metrics and make critical data-driven decisions with maximum confidence.

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Tools & Platforms we use

During our initial consultation, we’ll ask about your goals, existing data architecture, budget, and collect other key information in order to tailor an analytics plan best suited to your needs. Tools and platforms that we often recommend and implement on our ecommerce clients include:


  • AWS Redshift
  • Redshift is the world's fastest cloud data warehouse and gets faster every year.

Robust ETL

  • Tailored Integrations
  • Error handling
  • User friendly management

Data visualization

  • Tableau Desktop / Public
  • Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.

Project Management & Availability

impakt Advisors follows a homegrown implementation of agile. Key things to know for you are that:

We will integrate into your chat application of choice (Slack is our default).

We track all tasks and requests in an Asana board.

We send you a weekly mail update of work done that week.

Our Process

In short, we’ll take a deep dive into your Shopify data, pull everything into a single database, and built 2 highly-insightful dashboards.

01 Introduction

Our initial phase will consist of an information gathering phase, in which we collect information about your entire organization and it’s implemented technologies. Starting with high level discussions, we’ll also discuss the goals of your organization and its stakeholders.

02 ETL/Back-End Development (Average delivery time: 4 days)

Before we can start building insights our developers and engineers will read (or Extract), re-shape (or Transform) and re-locate (or Load) your data sources into a singular data warehouse.

03 Key Performance Indicator (KPI Dashboard)

To start, we recommend a KPI dashboard. This high level dashboard, broken down by month/quarter/year displays all the critical decision-making information about your ecommerce property in one place so you can share it and act on it with ease.

Try the KPI Dashboard yourself

04 Cohort Analysis

For your next dashboard, we suggest a cohort analysis. This type of analysis breaks down your store’s customers into related groups, or cohorts, into defined time ranges.

Try the Cohort Analysis yourself

06 Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) / Return on Investment (ROI) Dashboard

This simple yet useful high level dashboard provides a rundown of the effectiveness of your ad spending activities on your bottom line. Includes metrics such as average order value (AOV), return on ad spend and return on investment.

Try the ROI Sample

07 Basket Analysis

A basket analysis provides you with information about co-associated products; that is, products that tend to be purchased in combination with one another - in other words, as part of the same basket - empowering you to make decisions such as managing promotions, designing cross marketing efforts, email messaging and many others.

Try the Basket Analysis

08 Subsequent Work (optional)

Additional Dashboards: These are some other dashboards we’ve produced and can easily replicate for you

Maintenance Phase: we offer flexible long-term options in which our team can perform ad-hoc requests, or conduct periodic reviews of operations and maintenance issues.

Service Packages

Boost your business


  • 1 Tableau dashboard
  • 2 Rounds of edits
  • Development of data infrastructure in Amazon Redshift
Best price-value


  • 3 Tableau dashboards
  • 2 Rounds of edits
  • Development of data infrastructure in Amazon Redshift
Scale your leverage


  • 5 Tableau dashboards
  • 3 Rounds of edits
  • Ongoing maintenance and support (up to 10 hrs per week) for 30 days
  • Development of data infrastructure in Amazon Redshift

Schedule a 30 minute consultation with one of our top advisors

The impakt Advisors team!